During its existence Oleomec has been successful in developing an exceptional level of competency in high precision machining of complex customer designed mechanical components, such as transmission gearboxes, break assemblies, engine supports, hubs, spiral bevel gears, horns, axle spindles, supports etc. Since the beginning of the eighties the company has believed in and embraced a "full service" approach, creating and developing an assembly, fluxing and operation testing department for complete oil pressure sets, such as PTO clutches, power transmission gear pumps, piston pumps, cylinders, low and high pressure distribution valves etc. One of the company's distinguishing factors is in fact the complete management of the order: from the feasibility analysis stages.

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to the designing stage and the production of special tools and machines, the completion of special processes, in compliance with customers' specifications, such as: heat and surface treatments, welding, toothing, grinding, destructive tests and more, to finish with the assembly and the functional testing of the parts. A 400 square metres air conditioned department, containing assembly machinery, is in fact dedicated to the assembly of the parts once the machining operations have been completed. This department also includes testing benches: specific tools which carry out functional tests in accordance with Customer's specifications. There is also a testing bench for hydraulic and pneumatic seal tests.

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