Oleomec, founded in 1974 by Gianfranco Mingardi, who is currently its President, is a dynamic company, operating in the field of high technology machining and providing an important productive support to the manufacturing sector all over the world. Precision, reliability, flexibility and on time delivery are the factors that have contributed the most in establishing the strong reputation of the company as a primary supplier of manufacturing services for single components, assemblies, under assemblies and tools, working with leading companies in the fields of tractors, traxcavators, axles and transmissions, electrical engineering, automotive, railway, shipbuilding, mechanical textile and machine tools.



Oleomec carries out precision machining operations with numerical control machines, assembly and functional testing of oil pressure sets in general, operating on a just in time basis, with a shift structure. The company extends on an area of 7000 square metres. The plant itself has a size of 4500 square metres, with a staff of 40 people. Particular attention has been given to the loading/unloading bay, built completely under cover, as is the raw materials warehouse, which has an area of 1200 square metres.